About Us

  • Company Overview

    Quantum Leap Trainers and Consultants (Qltc) is Consulting & Training Firm providing a portfolio of Structured Services in the areas of Business Strategy Deployment, Enterprise Risk Management, ERP Implementation & Operational Excellence for the Manufacturing Industry across diverse Verticals. Established in 2012 with a vision of Transcending the Best Practises, we have been successful ..

  • Vision & Mission

    Our Vision is to be the best value adding organization to our clients. QL's mission is to constantly discover the power of difference and thereby bring about a paradigm shift in how businesses operate. QL endeavors to help clients achieve and sustain customer-focused competitive advantage with significant bottom-line impact by driving the three golden tenets of Quality, Cost and Delivery

  • History

    Founded in 2010 by passionate professionals, Quantum is an organization aspiring to grow into new age entrepreneurs with rock solid fundamentals. Our endeavor is to deliver services with the principle of “Customer First and always”. As the name signifies Quantum Leap focuses on bringing a paradigm shift in the approach. The team comprises of like minded people coming in from a wide ..

  • Our Team

    Organisations, irrespective of their size, type or the stage they are in, face multiple Internal and External challenges. These challenges, when not approached systematically, consumes Key Resources for dousing fires. This in turn leads to inefficiency, attention diversion and thereby bringing uncertainty in achieving the Core Objectives, the very purpose an Organisation Exists. The effect of t..

  • Services

    Quantum Leap specializes in Business Strategy, Business Process Mapping, Sales and Operations Planning, ERP implementation, Supply Chain Management, Global Sourcing, Health and Safety, Performance Enhancement consulting and integrated training in Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Quality Standards Implementation, Environmental Management, to an extensive array of service and industry sectors. Our Innova..