Operational Excellence

  • Encyclopedia Britannica defines Philosophy as “the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of fundamental dimensions of human existence and experience”. An Organisational Philosophy is the similar with the word Human replaced with Organisation. Operations Excellence is all about living upto this Philosophy

    The Organisational Leadership has to encourage a paradigm shift from the Run-of-the -Mill work Attitude towards Benchmarking Performance in every activity it's Team Members are engaged in.

    Over the Years, the Tools for Operational Excellence have evolved and are well tested for its purpose, however the challenge lies in the identification of the right Tool and Deployment at the Right Time. Organisations rush to deploy on an adhoc basis and loose steam quite early. We help you to put together this Program in an Order for Success.


    Key Contents


    1. Lean


    Quantum Leap takes Lean as a way of life. It is as much of an attitudinal and behavioral change as it is process improvement tool. Maintaining or improving bottom lines while the selling price comes down & costs go up in a tough competitive market is the challenge to today's managers.

    5S, Process Mapping, Visual Management Waste identification & elimination (MUDA), are some of the training modules that address this issue.


    2. Six Sigma


    Six Sigma instills a culture and an attitude. It inspires the employees and brings the focus towards the Customer. It concentrates on systematic improvement of processes.

    DMAIC, DFSS are the two standard approaches to Six Sigma.

    The Study will revolve around the three Ps: People, Product and the Process. Quantum Leap has the expertise in orienting your team onto this with practical Case Studies


    3. Value Stream Mapping (VSM)


    Customer pays for only the value added services. You may surprised to know that Toyota's percentage of value added activities even today, after 75 years of being in operation is less than 10%.

    Value Stream Mapping or VSM is a systematic and logical way of identifying non value added activities in your entire gamut of operations & thereby eliminating it.


    4. Measurement System Analysis & Statistical Process Control (MSA & SPC)


    Customers today are well educated. They understand your process as much as they know about the product. Statistical Process Control or SPC builds confidence to the customers & yourself on the process stability.

    A defect prevented is the biggest saving you can have over any detection tools. SPC assures this confidence.

    Structured Basic to Advanced courses are available focusing on simple SPC, Gage R&R, Test of Hypothesis


    5. Total Productive Maintenance


    Total Productive Maintenance or popularly known as TPM brings in ownership & attaches responsibility to your team.

    Quantum Leap has developed courses on the pillars of the TPM. You can see your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric move up.


    6. Deployment Methodology


    • Assess the Maturity of the Organisation
    • Identify the Focus Areas & the Appropriate Tools
    • Train the Core Group on the Tools
    • Deploy the Tools
    • Measure Performance
    • Review & Continually Improve


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