• “Krishna was a great combination of technical skills and leadership to drive changes. He was also open to new ideas and deserves great credit for the results in our operations. Krishna's team also recognized his acumen and were loyal followers. It was a privilege to have worked with Krishna. I learnt a lot from Krishna and he can be a great asset to any organization.”


    - Kiran Gurumurthy, Director Continuous Improvement, Goodrich Corporation

  • “Krishna is a very detailed oriented manager. His organization skills are sharp and beneficial to have on your team. Krishna can delegate the work load to his team evenly and fairly. Krishna has no problem being hands on when the need arises.Krishna is very good at training his team and creating training documents for others. I would work with Krishna again if the opportunity was there.”

    - Brian Mowery, CI/Cost Optimization Manager at Goodrich Lighting Systems

  • “I was working with Krishna about 10 years ago, when we were working together on Kodak traditional camera engineering/manufacturing, as well as new product transition from China to India. I was impressed by Krishna's engineering background and the way he handled engineering issue as detail oriented. It was very good memory working together with him.”

    - Hanting Lu, WW Engineering Manager, Eastman Kodak Company

  • “Krishna Praveen is man of Details. Information from Praveen can be trusted as he never shares unless it is verified and understood by him. Highly dependable in executing given tasks, Praveen always work with team. He knows how to engage people to deliver results and works as a good leader. He is also a man of deadlines and views his targets very seriously. He will skip meal and sleep, but not deadline! Hardworker , excellent learner - that is Krishna Praveen for me"

    - Sankaran Namboodiri, Head-Technology, SKF Sealing Technologies India Pvt Ltd